Brandt-Art design

Brandt-Art is a small production line, that makes quality tableware by using
porcelain and glass. The design is functional, minimalistic, and influenced by the Nordic style. All the products are handmade by using glassblowing or wheel throwing techniques. The tableware products can be combined for everyone’s individual need and purpose. Every product is unique, and the size may vary slightly since everything is handmade without use of moulds. 

The porcelain I use in my work is based on my own recipe and from the raw materials. Every porcelain batch starts with carefully measuring all the components and mixing with water. The wet porcelain is placed on a plaster bed, where it dries until its structure is suitable for wheel throwing. After the product is made, it dries over several days until its leather dry and ready to be trimmed to its final shape. After that it dries again until its bone dry, and then it is fired up around 900oC. After the first firing the product is grinded gently with sandpaper, to remove small flaws that might be on the surface. After that the product is glazed and fired again at 1300oC. All the glazes are also made from the raw materials, therefor there can be slight changes in the colour tones.

The glassware is made with Italian technique called pastorally. The process starts with pulling glass canes with different colours and patterns. The canes are cut in even sizes and put together by the colour or the pattern i have chosen. These canes are then placed on a refractory plate, and they are heated slowly until they are softened enough to be gathered on a blowpipe. The temperature will be then around 800oC. After the canes have been gathered, they form a cylinder shape which is then closed into a bubble and the product will be blown and shaped into its final shape. When the product is made its still hot and must be annealed slowly from around 500oC to room temperature to avoid cracking.